On The Way To Nanna's


Written by Frances Haji- Ali and Lindsay Haji-Ali

Illustrated David Hardy


On the Way to Nana's House is an incredible First Nations Children's book teaching its readers to count backwards while on a journey through the Kimberley. 

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For me, giving back to Community and buying from and supporting First Nations businesses is so important and I know it is for you too. This is why I am so proud to share with you that when you purchase this resource using this affiliate link, you will be buying from Riley Callie Resources; an incredible, 100% First Nations owned and run business specalising in First Nations teaching resources. From using this link, I also receive a small commission which helps me to cover the quite extensive labour and running costs of my website and resources and content I share with you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for supporting Riley Callie Resources and all the work I share with you! 

Country, people and language links

Yawuru, Karajarri, Barkindji


Early Childhood, Foundation, Year 1, Year 2


English, the arts

ISBN   9781925360301

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