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Why do you use affiliate links on your website?

There are 4 reasons I use affiliate links on my website:

1. I wanted to give teachers an easy way to buy all of the resources I was recommending.

2. I wanted to support First Nations business and give back to Community wherever I can.

3. Affiliate links help me to cover the quite extensive development, labour and running costs of my website and all that I create and share with you.

4. I want my website to remain as free as possible for you all to use, and affiliate links help me to do this.

Why offer Riley Callie Resources and Booktopia? Wouldn't it be easier to just have one!


As teachers and parents it is important to create a space in our classrooms and our homes that is diverse and celebrates reconciliation and I wanted my website to replicate just that; by sharing my teacher life and our family's bookshelf and education journey.

So, the short answer is; Yes, it would be 'easier' to just have one, but I believe there is a place for both and that is an important part of reconciliation. I believe very strongly in supporting Community and giving back to Community wherever I can. Riley Callie Resources is a First Nations Supply Nation business, specialising in First Nations teaching resources, which is why Debbie and I worked so hard to create our Community Collab, and is why I encourage all teachers support our collab and buy Blak resources from Blak business.


Booktopia is a wonderful Australian made business that I know many of you know and love. And, it was important to me to find an Australian business which could give you all a place to buy all of the non-Indigenous teaching resources I will be recommending. Booktopia has supported First Nations organisations, such as; the Indigenous Literacy Foundation for over a decade now and continues to grow 

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