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6 easy to read Canva fonts for kids


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6 easy to read Canva fonts for kids

As a mum and a teacher, I have spent hours looking through so many fonts trying to find the ones that are easy for our kids and students to read. Particularly while you're at the stages of life when they are learning to read and write, it's important that we are able to give our young ones examples in their life that are clear and explicit.

In this post, I am sharing 6 easy to read Canva fonts, that my students and daughter have found a really easy to read and understand, plus they're also super cute too!

6 easy to read Canva fonts for kids

As a mum and a teacher when I'm creating on Canva I really love to have my resources feature fonts that my students and my daughter can easily read and understand. And yes, I know sometimes they're not the prettiest fonts out there, but it's really important when we have our little learners learning to read and write that we have fonts that is easy for them to read, replicate and refer back to.

I have been searching for many years to bring together a group of easy to read fonts for kids in Canva and this is just six of my favourite ones that I like to use in my teaching resources at home and at school.

1. Canva Student Font

This first one is called, Canva Student Font and I have to say, out of all of the fonts that I'm going to share with you today this one is possibly what I consider to be my go to for teaching resources for our daughter and my students. In my opinion, this font is the closest that I have found to majority of the foundation fonts that you will find in most of the Australian states and that's the reason I like to use this as my go to when I am creating teaching resources. I have a pet peeve with fonts that do not have the rounded 'a' and also find the capital G is a struggle as well, so this particular font is a great one for holding both of those issues at bay particularly in Australia.

2. Sniglet

This next one, is also one of my favourite go to Canva fonts for when I am creating teaching resources. The reason I like Sniglet, is because it is not just only easy to read for our little learners but it is also easy on the eye as far as it's a bit softer and not as formal, say the Canva Student Font, which is quite a recognisable style of font for educational resources. Sometimes, it's nice to have something in our teaching resources that softens the resource and makes it feel a little bit more informal, but still easy to read for our little learners.

3. KG Penmanship

KG Penmanship is a really Great font for teaching resources because it has that little bit of a formal feel to it but it's also a lot more rounded than say your Canva Student Font or Sniglet.

4. Coming soon

This next font is called Coming Soon and it's not one, I guess, that is typically recognised as a 'teacher / educational font' or one that would be used in teaching resources. However, I particularly like it because it does have that informal sort of feel to it, which kind of replicates a student's handwriting but it is still easy for our little learners to read, replicate and refer to. Plus, I like how it gives the students that feeling of something familiar and welcoming. This particular font has the rounded 'a' as opposed to the a with a 'hat' on the top but it does have a capital G with both a vertical and horizontal stroke so this might be something to consider when you are using this particular font.

5. Schoolbell

Schoolbell is considered by Canva to be a School font, which is fair enough because it does have school in its title (hehe). Again, I like this font because it is really easy to read for our students but it's also got that softness, that is really nice to include in some of our teaching resources. Again, this particular font does have the rounded 'a' as opposed to the one with the 'hat' on the top but it does also have the G that has both of the stroke lines that go vertical and horizontal, so again that is something to consider for your individual classrooms if that's what you want to being seen by your students.

6. More Sugar

This last font that I am sharing with you, is probably one of my favourites just because of the playful feeling that it kind of has. I quite like how all the letters are formed. The 'a' in particular of course is rounded so that makes it a lot easier for our students to identify when they're learning to read. However, the main reason I would choose this font is definitely just because of the softness that it has and it's playful feel.

Take away notes

* Please remember that some of these fonts do need you to have Canva Pro for you to be able to access them. If you are a teacher then of course you can apply to Canva for a Canva for Education account, that will give you access to all of Canva and for free, however, this is with the understanding that it is for education. Canva will require you to fill out a form that identifies and shows how you will use Canva in your classroom and also some information to verify that you are in fact a teacher, but the processes really easy for teachers to fill out and use and it's such a wonderful thing for Canva to be able to support teachers in this way to.

30 Day free Canva Pro trial

As you know I use Canva Pro for absolutely everything graphic design in my life, business, and teaching... and today I want to give you a chance to try Canva Pro as well with a free 30 day Canva Pro trial. I absolutely adore this platform and I know you will too!

Remember, if you are a teacher and needing to use Canva for educational purposes then please head over to my blog post: Free Canva Pro for teachers | How to get verified to signup for Canva for Education account.

Thank you & comment

If you have enjoyed this blog post and found it to be helpful then please share it with a friend who might also find it helpful too.

I would love to hear in the comments about what fonts you love to use to create your teaching resources? And please feel free to share a resource below where you have used one of the fonts, for us all to check out!

Thank you so much for spending your time with me today, I know how valuable it is so it really does mean the world that you've chosen to spend it with me.

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