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I am so thrilled to share with you today my personal bullet journal template. Mindfulness is so important in this day and age and things can get really messy really fast if I am not organised but I have never found a simple journal that can do everything I wanted it to do and that actually relaxed me and kept me on track. That is until I started bullet journaling. This little habit has really given me a chance to be more organised and achieve the many many things I need to throughout the day and celebrates the way I think as a person becasue I have personally created it. 


This template is a blank canvas for you to change and create to suit you. The front cover is completely editable and features beautiful Canva elements and fonts plus a special Strawberry Gum image that I took while I was walking on Yuggera Country with my family (you do not need Canva Pro for this template). I like to have a journal for each month but you can easily chage this to your name or student's names if you are using it in the classroom. 


I am so proud to be able to share this with you and hope you love it as much as I do.






*Please note: This resource, when purchased is for the use of one teacher / person only, if another teacher or person wants to use this they will need to purchase their own copy from www.missgibbs.com . This resource is not to be shared in any way for other people to use and is bound by strict copyright laws. Due to the nature of digital products refunds are not accepted. This is a digital download only so you will not receive any physical product in the mail. Please remember that the colours may differer slightly from one computer and printer to the next. 

Editable Canva Strawberry Gum Bullet Journal template


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