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I am so excited and proud to finally be sharing with you one of my favourite things to do in the world and that is create meaningful spaces in classrooms.


This Heal Country bundle is a compilation of my, 'Flowering Gum' and NAIDOC Week 2021 Collections. This bundle includes everything you need to be able to create a beautiful space in your classroom to display all of the deep knowledge your students are going to learn during NAIDOC Week, around this year's theme of 'Heal Country'. And, I can't wait to see what you display! This bulletin board bundle really does give you the freedom and the opportunity as a teacher to create a meaningful space (or even spaces if you like) in your classroom to listen, learn and celebrate the beautiful country that we all share and of course adore Mother Earth and her beauty while looking forward to a place of reconciliation.


How can I use this bundle?

This bundle is designed to work together to create a display space in your classroom. You can display your student's work, books you have read or an author study that you may be wanting to display. It really is a blank canvas for you to celebrate NAIDOC Week and truly embrace the theme of 'Heal Country'.


How does this bundle celebrate the theme 'Heal Country'?

When I think of healing, I think of our old people coming together, their medicine for healing the mind, body, and their knowing through their connection to Country. As many of you know from books like, Respect; by Aunty Fay Muir and Sue Lawson, and Welcome to Country by Aunty Joy Murphy, gum leaves play a huge role in First Nations healing, ceremonies, cleansing, and welcoming which is the essence and the heart behind why I created this bulletin board bundle.


What does this image of the flowering gum mean to me?

This bundle, as with all of my resources; has been made with a huge amount of love and care, and it shares a small part of me with you and your students. The image of this flowering gum was captured on Yuggera Country in Queensland, while my family and I were out walking. My daughter loved this flower so much and adored the gum nuts that fell from its strong but elegant branches. To this day we still visit this tree and collect the gum nuts for my daughter to bring home, count and decorate. This image holds a very special place in my heart for listening and learning from Country, as I know they did my Dad's. 


What is included in the pack:

  • Heal Country pink bunting
  • Heal Country Bulletin Board pink heading
  • Bubble top flowering gum border
  • Double sided flowering gum border
  • Natural flowering gum border
  • Flowering gum image description 
  • Acknowledgement of Country


Why are your resources slightly more expensive than other resources of a similar nature?

I understand that traditionally teaching resources on other websites are priced quite low and for teachers, I know myself that this is something that I look for too, I mean who doesn't want a good bargain or to save a buck or two here and there. Unfortunately, because a lot of my products are originally hand painted or hand made, this takes me a lot longer to create them than other cheaper teaching resources. The upside of this is that you are buying a quality resource that I have put my heart and soul into and sings true to who I am as a teacher, mumma and proud Koori woman. 


Why would I buy a digital product instead of a physical one?

Yes, this pack is a digital download, which means you won't receive a physical product in the mail but what it does mean is you can;


  • make your display as big as you like by printing out as many borders as you like. No more going back to the shop and buying another pack of 10 when you only need 1 border strip to finish your bulletin board display.
  • If the boder gets damaged over time then just print more and laminate (if you want to), easy!
  • It is always there for you. Thats right... once you download this resource and saved it then, you have it! So you can always access it when you want. 
  • Digital resources are great because they are soooo much cheaper than if you were to buy a physical one. Sure you have to print it out but given that you have the file saved and stored ready to access and save on replacing time and time again then, in my experience it is more than worth it. 


Please remember that when you purchase this resource you are purchasing to use it for one teacher only, if another teacher or person would like to also use this resource or any element of it they will need to purchase a copy for themselves as per the strict Copyright Laws.


Please know that $4 from this resource will be donated to Magabala Books' Small Seeds Program which supports early childhood literacy and ensures children across Australia have access to culturally relevant books they love.



*Please note: This resource, when purchased is for the use of one teacher only, if another teacher wants to use this they will need to purchase their own copy from www.missgibbs.com . This resource is not to be shared in any way for other people to use and is bound by strict copyright laws. Due to the nature of digital products refunds are not accepted. This is a digital download only so you will not receive any physical product in the mail. Please remember that the colours may differer slightly from one computer and printer to the next. 

Heal Country Flowering Gum Pink bulletin board bundle



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