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Today I See... Shapes Poppy Personalised Picture Book

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Written and created by Miss Gibbs


This is a completely customisable Canva template for you to make your very own shapes book with your child or students. 

I made this book for my daughter to make learning personal, fun and simple for her. Making this book together holds such beautiful memories for us and has truly made learning shapes something that she loves and has built her love of learning and reading. 

To personalise this template all you have to do is:

1. Take photos of your students or child searching and finding the shapes in the book.

2. Take a photo of an artwork you child or students have done  (this will be the background on the pages)

3. Drag and drop those images into the Canva template on the matching shape page.

4. Preview your book in Canva

5. Print your book through Canva and it will be delivered to your door (this is an additional cost through Canva but one I adore doing!).

This template is available in my Unlimited Library and in my templates store.


Foundation, Year 1, Year 2


English, Mathematics, Geography,


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