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How to change your page from portrait to landscape in Canva


Today, I would like to acknowledge the Yuggera people as the Traditional Owners of the beautiful land I am standing on today. From the mountains to the river, I open my heart and my eyes as I walk this land, listening, learning and caring for Country. I want to extend this respect to Elders; past, present and emerging and to all First Nations peoples reading this post today. We are all remembered here.


Just so you know, this post does contain sponsored content through the use of affiliate links, my proud partnerships and my own products and resources and I want to thank each of you for continuing to use my affiliate links to support the work I do. As you know, each blog post is based on my own experiences, opinions, and what I have been taught, and does not represent all First Nations peoples or Communities. Please remember that, connecting with your local First Nations Community is always the most respectful way for you to embed First Nations content specific to your area.


A step How to change your page from portrait to landscape in Canva.

Have you ever started creating something on Canva and then thought "Oh no! I need this to be in landscape." Well my friend this post is for you!

As you know, I absolutely adore Canva Pro and yes this particular feature is a Canva Pro feature. But as you also know, I only recommend the best tools that I love and the ones that save me the most time and today is no different! So with that said, if you are someone who is looking to trial Canva Pro for free then you are in luck because, I have a Canva Pro 30 day free trial that you can take advantage of. It is an affiliate link so in advance I want to say a massive thank you for supporting the work that I do and all that I share with you.

Alright! So, are you ready to flip your portrait page to landscape in just three steps? Let's go!

1. Open the template

How to change your page from portrait to landscape in Canva.

So, this first step really is the key to this entire system being only three steps and that is the magic resize button (Only available for Canva Pro). Now, all you have to do is go up into the top left corner, where you will see the resize button. You can see that this button has a little crown next to it as well, which does indicate that it is a Canva Pro feature (again if you need the free 30 day Canva Pro trial I'll add a link in here for you to use). Click the Resize button.

2. Add your dimensions (or search for the)

How to change your page from portrait to landscape in Canva.

In this Next step, a menu bar will come up on the left-hand side. This is where you are either going to add in the dimensions that you want your page to be or you are going to search for the dimensions that your page is going to be. Remember, if you are using an A4 sized page, and you want it to be landscape then this will be 29.7 cm x 21 cm. Quite simply, this is just the reverse of what a regular A4 size page is. Other than that if you want something unique then you can enter your own dimensions to create the size that you need.

3. Copy & Resize or just resize

How to change your page from portrait to landscape in Canva.

The last thing you are going to do, is select the button down the bottom which says 'copy and resize' or just 'resize' if you want to just create this as a landscape size and not keep the original portrait size that you had. In my experience, majority of the time I have used the resize button more often and the copy and resize. Particularly, if I am changing from a portrait to landscape, the reason being is because if the actual format fits better in the new template the chance of you actually needing the original copy, is probably not needed. And... by keeping the original you're just clogging up your home page and keeping stuff that you don't really need to keep. So keep that in mind when you are choosing which of these ones is best for you.

Thank you & comments

Thank you so much for sharing your time with me today, I know how valuable it is and I am so honoured that you chose to spend it here with me. I would love to hear in the comments and see anything that you've created in landscape design. So, if you have created something in the landscape design then please feel free to share it with us in the comments below so we can all learn and admire your work too.

Happy Canva-ing!



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