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How to remove the background of your image in Canva


Today, I would like to acknowledge the Yuggera people as the Traditional Owners of the beautiful land I am standing on today. From the mountains to the river, I open my heart and my eyes as I walk this land, listening, learning and caring for Country. I want to extend this respect to Elders; past, present and emerging and to all First Nations peoples reading this post today. We are all remembered here.


Just so you know, this post does contain sponsored content through the use of affiliate links, my proud partnerships and my own products and resources and I want to thank each of you for continuing to use my affiliate links to support the work I do. As you know, each blog post is based on my own experiences, opinions, and what I have been taught, and does not represent all First Nations peoples or Communities. Please remember that, connecting with your local First Nations Community is always the most respectful way for you to embed First Nations content specific to your area.


How to remove the background from your image in Canva

If you love designing and are anything like me, then you have probably been hunting around for the perfect tool to remove backgrounds from your images. Back before I found Canva this process took absolutely forever and I was looking all over the internet trying to find something that wasn't too costly but also not too fiddly as well. Surprisingly enough, that was when I came across Canva Pro and their BG Remover tool. Canva's BG Remover tool has honestly saved me hours of fiddling around which has made my life so much easier, not just for my business but also for personal things like creating Father's Day gifts and so on. It is honestly just incredible and I cannot recommend Canva Pro it highly enough.

So, first things first I guess if you are not a Canva Pro user at the moment then I'm going to include a 30 day free trial here , for you to go and give it a crack. For me it was the selling point to sign up for Canva Pro and to be honest if removing backgrounds is something you need then I highly recommend that you give Canva Pro ago just for the free trial and see how you feel about.

Alright well, now that we have all of the tools we need, let's get stuck into how you can remove the background from your images in 3 simple steps using Canva pro.

1. Insert your image

How to remove the background from your image in Canva

Honestly, this part cannot be more simple! All you have to do is drag and drop your image into your Canva template and once you've done that Canva will automatically upload your image and store it inside of your uploads section.

2. Click 'Edit photo'

How to remove the background from your image in Canva

Once your photo is uploaded, then you just insert that image onto the page, go up into the top left corner and click edit photo.

3. Select BG Remover

How to remove the background from your image in Canva

This last step is the one that will save you bucketloads of time! Once you've clicked edit photo a new menu (of sorts) will open up on the left-hand side. This is where you will see the background remover icon that I've included in the image above. You're going to click the background remover icon and then it's really as easy as that! From here it is all up to Canva, and just like magic your background will be removed in one click!

Of course if there is anything that you want to touchup or edit a little bit more, then there is the option to do that as well, with a range of different brush sizes that you can use within Canva to remove or reapply the finer details.

Again, I cannot highly recommend the background remover enough! This quite frankly was the selling point for me, signing up for Canva Pro and it just keeps on getting better!

Thank you & comment

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I would love to hear in the comments about what you have designed using Canva's Background Remover tool? And please share a photo with us of your final graphic, so we can all be inspired and connect.

Thank you so much for spending your time with me today, I know how valuable it is so it really does mean the world that you've chosen to spend it with me.

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