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Comprehension Flip Book - Beginning, middle and end

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Created by Miss Gibbs


Use this comphension flip book to create mini versions of your favourite class books, while teaching your students al about the beginning, middle and end of the text. 

This template is completely customisable, meaning that you can change anything you want and need and even add elements too from the Canva elements suit.

 Inside, your students will illustrate what happened in the beginning, by drawing a picture of what happened at the start of the text. They will then write a sentence to describe their drawing. Once they are finished each of the pages, your students can illustrate the front cover add the author and illustrator's names and colour it in, ready to hang around the room.

This template is ready for members to download in the Unlimited Library teacher membership. If you are not a member yet and would like to join, just head over to the join page to sign up and begin download this template and many many more! Plus remember, you can also request templates to be made too, so don't forget to put in your requests.


Foundation, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3




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