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Dreaming Stories

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Hey! So great to see you checking out this resource. Make sure you keep and eye out though! This review and all of the teaching notes will be coming soon.

If you are on my free Community email list, then I will send you through an email with the teaching notes and a link to the review, as soon as it is live. If you are interested in joining my free Community list, just click here, fill out the information needed and I will send everything to you when it is ready straight to your email.

Also, if you are just busting to get this resource ahead of the review, you can buy it by clicking the 'buy' button on the left. By buying through my website, you are supporting my Community Collab with Riley Callie Resources and helping us two First Nations women continue to do what we love. Thank you! 



History, Geography, English,


ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day,

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