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Written and illustrated by Jess McGeachin


From the depths of our hearts and our souls as people, Jess McGeachin has artfully contrived, Kind - 'A call to care for every creature'.

Written and illustrated during the first Melbourne lockdown, Jess McGeachin penned the idea for this lyrically visual and articulate hardcover children's picture book, that speaks to the hearts and minds of our next generation. Providing food for thought, for creatures of all 'Kinds', and how at the heart of kindness, is change.

The rhyming verse of Kind had both my daughter (aged 4) and I, fully captivated from start to finish and the double meaning of the word kind, woven throughout each page had us in absolute awe of the talents of Jess and accentuated the true beauty and extent of this book.

From a literacy perspective, there is just so much our students can learn and reawaken from Kind, and that we as teachers can embedded into our literacy programs. From poetry and double entendres to verbs and an endless supply of proper nouns, Kind is a book that will be used time and time again.

I would recommend Kind for parents, teachers and librarians - with children aged 3 years and over and students from Early Childhood through to year 6, who are looking for a text to explore a diverse range of literacy features and a focus on sustainability, wellbeing and of course kindness.


"In this book you'll find many kinds of things. Some have slippery scales, some have feathered wings...

Meet magnificent owls, colourful crabs and all kinds of curious creatures in this stunning and lyrical masterpiece that celebrates our natural world."

This book is available to buy through Booktopia and if you liked this review and my website, please use my affiliate link below to buy this book. Thank you so much for all of your support and as always and happy embedding!


Early Childhood, Foundation, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3


English, Science


Earth Day, World Animal Day, National Poetry Month, National Poetry Day

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