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Sounds workbook template

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Created by Miss Gibbs


I always like to keep things as simple as possible for our little learners and this book is made to support through repetition and structure.

Each double page spread has tracing elements and 3 phonics activities to go along with it. I like to brainstorm with my kiddos first to give them a few ideas with words and then let them discover and share their own.

Personally, I like make the pages of our books match the order in which I teach each sound, to make life easy for everyone and sometimes I like to add in a new activity too. This is a template, which means that if you too want to change anything you can easily do that to make it suit your classroom and students' needs.

This template is ready to download from the Unlimited Library now. If you are not yet a member of the Unlimited Library then head over to the join page and begin downloading this template and so many more!


Foundation, Year 1, Year 2




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