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Custom school classroom decor kits 

Are you tired of learning new things (9).png
Are you tired of learning new things (9).png

Schools,  it's time to unlock the power of belonging  in every classroom!

And create spaces that represent our students through; art, culture, community and inclusive classroom decor, design and personalised learning.

Are you tired of learning new things (10).png


Made for you, custom school and classroom decor & teaching resource kits

Does your school have a stunning mural or artwork that represents your students and school?


Why not turn this into artwork into a collection of custom school classroom decor kits that celebrate your school, students and their community in each and every classroom!

Check out this example!

School mural

Untitled (Instagram Post).png

Turned into


Personalised learning posters

Custom school book covers

And so, so much more!

Classroom  bulletin board

How can you get started?

If your school would like to enquire about creating custom classroom decor for your school. Send me an expression of interest over on my 'work with me page'. I can't wait to start creating for you!

Are you tired of learning new things (9).png

I can't wait to start Canvaising your school   with you!

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