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Miss Gibbs 2023 Alphabet Poster Packs


Today, I would like to acknowledge the Yuggera people as the Traditional Owners of the beautiful land I am standing on today. From the mountains to the river, I open my heart and my eyes as I walk this land, listening, learning and caring for Country. I want to extend this respect to Elders; past, present and emerging and to all First Nations peoples reading this post today. We are all remembered here.


Just so you know, this post does contain sponsored content through the use of affiliate links, my proud partnerships and my own products and resources and I want to thank each of you for continuing to use my affiliate links to support the work I do. As you know, each blog post is based on my own experiences, opinions, and what I have been taught, and does not represent all First Nations peoples or Communities. Please remember that, connecting with your local First Nations Community is always the most respectful way for you to embed First Nations content specific to your area.


First of all, I am beyond excited to see you here, so welcome! I am so thrilled to share with you this year's FREE Alphabet Poster Packs. This is something that I have dreamed of sharing with you for a very long time now and finally it has come to fruition.

I know you are so keen to create a resource that represents, connects and creates a place of belonging for all of our little learners in our classrooms and at home, beginning of course - with the alphabet.

So let's kick "v is for volcano" and "i is for igloo" alphabet posters out the door and create some special resources, for our special little learners!

These alphabet packs are truly like no other! They are free templates of alphabet posters for you to begin the journey of completely customising your classroom and teaching resources to your students and children. To take my 'Pink' template (or any of the freebies in the pack) and turn it into a personalised resource that represents your students and children. Turning your classroom and learning spaces, into a place where your students and kids know they belong and feel represented in the everyday displays, decor and teaching resources that directly impacts their learning.

So, what are the Miss Gibbs 2023 Alphabet Poster Packs all about?

These Alphabet Poster Packs are to give you a starting resource to take away with you today and begin creating and thinking about ways that you can change the culture in your classroom by using fully customisable, personalised non-linear teaching resources. These are made to create a classroom community where your students connect, engage, are represented and belong. All while learning the skills they need to be successful lifelong learners.

I have always found that by creating a beautiful classroom, learning space or resources WITH my students and child, is not only relatable for them but far more engaging for them too. They are so proud of what they have created together and how it represents them. And, the way it so naturally links to their learning, is a special way of learning that every child needs in their life.

This is an example of how we have taken my 'Pink' template and just by changing the background, a couple of the colours, and then inserting a personal photo. We have created a teaching resource that not only has our daughter been a part of creating but that she sees herself in this resource, and therefore naturally relates to it and the content it contains, making learning natural and faster. Plus as a teacher and as a mum - if I need the colour, size, font or anything else to be slightly different, I can change it in just a couple of clicks, my templates are 100% editable.

Where can I find backgrounds for my Alphabet poster?

If you are looking for something general, you can of course find quite literally hundreds of free backgrounds on Canva. However in this instance, for me I like to use something that is meaningful to my students and children. For example, on our poster (that you can see above) I have used an image of a paining I did that shows our family, ancestors and belonging, making this painting very meaningful to our daughter. Alternatively with permission, you could insert images of student's or a child's artworks in the background or a mural from your school. The aim is to make your resources represent your students and make your resources relatable for them, while in turn making learning natural and easy.

* Please remember if you are using murals or images of an artist's artwork, make sure you have permission to use these images in the way you are intending prior to creating your resources. The artist must also have been paid for their time and talents in creating this artwork and also supplying you with a licence for you to use the image in the way you are intending. It is never ok to take a photograph or copy an artists artwork and use it without their permission or without paying them for the rights to use their work.

What posters are included in the Miss Gibbs 2023 Alphabet Poster Packs?

There are 4 different posters included in this year's free packs and you can check them out down here! They are free to download from my Freebie Library.

The aim

The aim of this freebie is not to provide you with a phonemic awareness approach or program but to share with you a resource and way, that I have used in my classroom and with my daughter to create safe learning spaces that represent connect and create a place of belonging for all of our little learners and in-turn a love for learning. I think it goes without saying that when we - feel represented, are connected and belong, learning feels natural and happens faster.

How does it work?

To get started, it is super simple!

1. Download the Alphabet Poster Challenge pack from my Freebie Library

2. Start customising the Canva Alphabet Poster template with your students.

3. Print them off and let the love of learning begin.

Don't have Canva, no worries!

If you don't have Canva yet then don't worry! Did you know Canva is actually free for teachers? Yes, that's right! If you are a teacher just head over to Canva Education to get verified and start using Canva Pro for free with an educator account, plus all of the interactive education resources Canva has to offer at no cost to you.

If you are not a teacher or if you want to use Canva for business or other purposes, feel free to use my Canva Pro affiliate link to score yourself a free trial of Canva Pro and see if you love it as much as I do. I always like to try things out before I fully commit to buying them but I just know you will adore all that this incredible platform has to offer you and your little learners!

Are there other matching resources for these posters?

Yes! Each of these alphabet posters is a part of a Collection, where each Collection contains number posters, clock labels, personalised stickers, word walls and so much more. All of these are available to buy in my shop or if you are a part of my Unlimited Library membership (this is an annual membership containing every single resource and template!) then you can login and download them now.

Free Community Email List

If you are a part of my free Community Email List at the time of this blog post being published, then you can find the link to this post and the Freebie Library in your inbox for you to enjoy. If you would like to receive future resources, templates and posts to your inbox then you can join my FREE Community Email List by clicking here. Our Community is growing every day and as an added bonus you will get access to all of my freebies in my Freebie Library forever too.

Thank you and comments

I hope you have enjoyed this post and the Alphabet Packs as much as I have enjoyed creating it for you! I would love to hear in the comments your suggestions for any other templates you would like to see and please remember to share your customised posters with us too on here or on Instagram and I will be sure to share them.

Thank you so much for spending this time with me and as always, happy embedding!


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