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3 simple tips for introducing storyboard comprehension to Kindergarten students - Plus storyboard template!


Today, I would like to acknowledge the Dharug people as the Traditional Owners of the beautiful land I am standing on today. From the mountains to the river, I open my heart and my eyes as I walk this land, listening, learning and caring for Country. I want to extend this respect to Elders; past, present and emerging and to all First Nations peoples reading this post today. We are all remembered here.


Just so you know, this post does contain sponsored content through the use of affiliate links, my proud partnerships and my own products and resources and I want to thank each of you for continuing to use my affiliate links to support the work I do. As you know, each blog post is based on my own experiences, opinions, and what I have been taught, and does not represent all First Nations peoples or Communities. Please remember that, connecting with your local First Nations Community is always the most respectful way for you to embed First Nations content specific to your area.

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So you want to introduce your kindy or year 1 students to storyboarding but are quite sure where to start?

Well, this is the post for you my friend! Plus... at the end you will find a special little bonus storyboard template for you to use in your next lesson, right from the Canva Library.

Alright then... let's dive in!

Step 1

As a class, create a word bank using words from the story you have just read. From here your students can use this as a reference point to support their writing, sentence construction and comprehension skills.

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Step 2

Buddy students up together and have them describe and give feedback to each other about what they will draw and write to show their understanding of what has happened in the beginning, middle and end of the story.

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Step 3

Allow students to draw their picture before doing their writing. This gives students who may be finding getting their ideas down in writing a chance to illustrate their ideas first and therefore prompt their writing.

Canva Education Library

Would you love this template?

Well, just for you my friend I will attach the link to this Canva template below for you to use with your beautiful class!

Plus, to keep up to date with all of my newest templates added to the Canva Library, don't forget to join my Community Email List, it is completely free and you will receive all of my free teacher templates straight to your email inbox of your choosing.

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Thank you

Thank you so much for spending your time with me today, I know how valuable it is so I am very thankful that you are here with me and have chosen to spend it with me today.

So, have you tried any of these tips and tricks with your kiddos? If you have, share in the comments how it went or if you have any additional tips then please share them with us in the comments too.

Thank you so, so much for sharing your time with me today and I look forward to seeing you soon!

Happy Canvaising and I hope you have a week wherever you are in this beautiful world!

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